Inexpensive Burgundies

July 23, 2008

I love Burgundy but do not love the price levels of these beauties. So I am always on the lookout for decent Burgundies at a good price. Today I got one that is fantastic value for the quality. The wine is A. Chopin & Fils “Les Essards” Cote De Nuits Villages. It is fairly high in acidity, still young, but already shows nice complexity and if it spends some time breathing it can become fairly soft. Definitely recommended, especially if you consider that I paid a whopping $25 for the bottle.

Update: the wine really exhibits much deeper, complex characters once you let it open for a couple of hours. I highly recommend to decant this pinot, it will thank you for it.


Name: A. Chopin & Fils, “Les Essards”, Cote De Nuits Villages 2005

Price: $25 (discounted off $35)

Body: Medium

Got it at: Dee Vine Wines, Pier 19, San Francisco

Rating: 8.5 out of 10


4 Responses to “Inexpensive Burgundies”

  1. John Says:


    You seem to have been dormant for a while, so good to see you back with this piece.

    Same Zoli as “nzoli” in Cellar Tracker? If so, will look out for the 2003 Vesztergombi Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve you reviewed recently. Thought I had tried most of the better 2003 candidates, but it seems not.



  2. zoliwine Says:


    I am a different Zoli, but I do enjoy Vesztergombi. My favorite from that family’s cellar, though, is his Son’s Csaba Cuvee. Wow, that is some amazing wine.


  3. Zoli,

    Happy to see that you are a fan of Dee Vine Wines. FYI, don’t forget we are having a 2007 tasting of various German Producers this Saturday Sept. 13th 1-4pm. I unfortunatley will not be there this time, but please be on the look-out for me – Don, the next time we have a tasting. Thanks again for supporting Dee Vine Wines.


  4. zoliwine Says:

    Don, I will be sure to come by. We need to stock up anyways…

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