Wine From Patagonia

July 29, 2008

It is not often one comes across wine from Patagonia, a remote, cold montaneous region of South America shared by Argentina and Chile. At least, that is what I thought until I looked into it. The primary, internationally well known wine region in Argentina is Mendoza, which I have never associated with Patagonia. When I think of Mendoza I think of hot summers, flat lands and rolling hills at the foot of the Andes. I associate Patagonia with jagged mountain peaks, ice and wind. The two do not really go together well.

So I am sitting in a wine bar in Seattle and I see a wine from Argentina labeled as from the Patagonia appellation. Wow, I thought to myself, I must try this. Nowhere on the bottle does it say Mendoza so this must be real, not a gimmick.

I ordered the wine and as I am sipping on it I am geeking out and using my new iPhone to look up wine regions in Patagonia. Little did I know that Mendoza is in fact still considered Patagonia, even though it is relatively far north. Well, so I got scammed 🙂

In fact the wine does taste very much like a Malbec from Mendoza. It is rich, fruity, bold, new world style and not super elegant. It is very drinkable, though, especially on a somewhat chilly Monday night. Would I buy a bottle? Probably for nothing else but to take a better quality picture of a wine label that says Patagonia.

Name: Baqueano Patagonia, Malbec, 2007

Rating: 7 out of 10

Body: Full

Price: $9.50/glass, $31/bottle (restaurant/bar)

Got it at: Flying Fish, Seattle, WA