October 30, 2007

So yes I do have a diverse taste and the more esoteric a wine is the more likely I will want to try it. While I had Lebanese wine before, it was the Chateau Musar, which one can find in most serious wine shops in the US and even in Europe. Bekaa Valley is the most important wine region in Lebanon and wine making there goes back as much as 6,000 years. I guess that puts California (which is the region that made me love wine) to shame, at least in a historical sense.

So the first wine of this blog is about Chateau Nakad‘s Prestige du Nakad vintage 2003, which I picked up in a cute little wine shop in Amsterdam. It is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and some Cinsaut and while it is made in the Bordeaux style it tastes nothing like its cousins from France. Fruity, but not in the new world sense, complex, yet medium bodied and a completely unfamiliar “Lebanese” finish which I seem to recall from Musar’s wines. This is definitely wine that can stand on its own without food, though it is perfect with red meats as most Bordeaux style wines are. I would not serve this bottle for guests who are not adventurous as it does have a peculiar taste if even you are used to old world wines.

Name: Chateau Nakad, Prestige du Nakad, 2003

Rating: 7 out of 10

Body: Medium

Price: 12.50 euros

Got it from: Cave Rokin, Amsterdam, Holland

Chateau Nakad, Prestige du Nakad, 2003